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Canada’s Economy and Business Opportunities

Ranked as the world’s tenth-largest economy, Canada is a progressive nation boasting a highly developed social welfare system, cultural diversity, a massive pool of talent, an excellent standard of living, and a $1.73 trillion GDP.

While Canada is prominently known for agriculture, forestry, and mining, it also offers enormous opportunities for small to medium businesses. In fact, the market is dominated by SMEs. If you are looking to apply for Canadian permanent residency through business immigration programs, you must establish or acquire a qualifying business.

At i-Can Advisory Group, we help narrow down the opportunities best suited to you from restaurants and marketing to construction, franchise business, and beyond by leveraging our detailed research, market knowledge, and affiliation with the legal experts. Thus, helping shape your life in Canada.

Settlement Services: Your One-Stop in Canada for Everything

Language barriers, cultural differences, documentation, and many other attributes can make an immigrant in Canada feel isolated and discouraged.

Our Settlement Services play a crucial role in helping you overcome the difficulties involved in re-establishing your life in Canada. We take a holistic approach and offer support in every phase to help you adapt to the Canadian way of life.

At i-Can Advisory Group, our settlement services include referrals, orientations, helping with housing and other basic needs, legal documentation, one-on-one counseling, employment-related assistance, translation, and beyond.


This service is available to Canadian permanent residents, landed immigrants, convention refugees, among others. While it is primarily for newcomers, an eligible immigrant (even if he/she is long-established) who needs assistance in adjusting to Canadian society may also qualify.